Rozbark Theatre of Dance and Movement in Bytom

Rozbark Theatre of Dance and Movement in Bytom


The cultural face of Rozbark


The theatre is situated in the district of Bytom called Rozbark and hence it derives its name. The name Rozbark is most likely to come from the word “split' and is associated with the operations of mining in these areas. In the pre-war period Rozbark was a lucrative district, a lively, industrial, commercial and cultural centre. However, the shutdown of the Rozbark Mine had a very negative impact on the situation of the residents of this district. Today, the beautiful architecture of Rozbark is heavily neglected and it is almost impossible to see the glory of its past.


Revitalization of Rozbark


To revive the district Rozbarku and exploit its potential, an initiative of establishing a theatre in the buildings of the mine was proposed. The theatre is now located in the facilities of the former mine Rozbark, where the coal mining was conducted since 1863. The mine gained publicity due to a coal dust explosion in 1923. As a result of the mining disaster, 145 miners lost their lives. Then, in the year 2004 the mine stopped operating. Three years later, some parts of the buildings of the mine were entered into the register of monuments, while the remaining parts of the facility, such as steel mining towers were demolished. One of the most emblematic buildings of the former mine is the former pithead, where Kazimierz Kutz filmed the scenes for his famous movie 'The salt of the Black Earth'. Later the pithead underwent a complete renovation and now is the seat of the Theatre Rozbark.


Modern theatre of danc


Rozbark theatre was opened in 2014. The dance and music stage of the theatre is unquestionably one of the most unique places on the map of Silesia. The renovation and modernization works led to the creation of a modern facility with a remarkably industrial character. The old mine buildings have been converted into the stage, the auditorium, three ballet halls , the gym, the dressing rooms, the workshop and conference room, the cafeteria and the administrative offices. Currently the Rozbark Theatre is one of the most modern dancing stages in the area.


Why to visit Rozbark?


Theatre Rozbark is an obligatory destination for all lovers of art of dance. The rich repertoire offers dance performances, pantomime, ballet and street dance. Professional acting, combined with an attractive repertoire and the unique, industrial character of the site of the former mine gave new life to this place and made it famous not only in the region but in the whole country.

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