The Musical Theatre in Gliwice

The Musical Theatre in Gliwice


Rich traditions of the Musical Theatre in Gliwice


The Musical Theatre continues the dance and entertainment traditions in the city. Although, its origins date back only to the year 2001, it should be noted that it is directly connected with the activities of the Silesian Operetta and Musical Theatre in Gliwice.


The Theatre of Three Cities


In order to learn about the traditions of the Gliwice Musical Theatre, we should reach far back to the history of the city up to the year 1890. Then the Municipal Theatre in Gliwice was created, being an institution buzzing with cultural life and changing completely the artistic face of Gliwice. In those years it was one of the best equipped facilities opera when it comes to acoustics. In the years 1924/1925 theater became the seat of the theatre group of three cities - Gliwice, Bytom and Zabrze. It then took the new name - the Upper Silesian Theatre of Three Cities. Unfortunately, the World War II destroyed the chances of the survival of the facility. In 1944, the Red Army burned the building, leaving behind only the destroyed walls.


The Ruins of the Theatre Victoria


This building had special significance for the residents of Gliwice. Many years of construction work carried out under the supervision of the Foundation for Reconstruction of the Municipal Theatre in Gliwice turned out to be successful. In 1996, the stage was reopened and given the name of 'The ruins of the Theatre.' Currently, it is a very popular cultural place in Gliwice. Numerous theater performances, concerts, cinema screenings and artistic performances prove that that the long-lasting reconstruction brought success.


The stages of GTM


GTM currently consists of three stages:

  • the Theatre in Nowy Swiat Street,
  • The Ruins of the Municipal Theatre
  • the Tale Stage in the studio cinema Amok.


The Repertoire of the Musical Theatre


A huge variety of repertoire makes GTM is one of the most active cultural institutions in the province. The Silesian artistic program of GTM includes:


  • Dance performances,
  • Musicals,
  • Opera,
  • Operetta,
  • Symphonic concert,
  • Fairy tale


and many other genres.


Studio cinema Amok


Gliwice Musical Theatre also runs a studio cinema Amok, which displays the underground, non-commercial films. Amok often organizes the previews of works of the artists recognized in the world of cinematography.

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