The Plays and People Theatre

The Plays and People Theatre


The Play and People Theatre, created out of the passion for street theater, as well as the strong belief that theater is great entertainment for everyone, was founded in 1997. Now this theatre remains for good on the cultural map of Silesia, being its important part


The stage at the train station.


The theatre is peculiarly located in a former railway station in Katowice Dąbrówka Mała. It was created near the tracks of Railway Right Bank of the Odra River and its construction dates back to the years 1865-1872. The station was called initially Georggrube, which in German means the Mine of George.


An active interactions with the audience


The auditorium of the theatre is small and can accommodate no more than a hundred spectators. As a result, during the show, we see the acting 'at our fingertips'. The intimacy of the theater makes you feel at home there. While performing for children, actors focus mainly on the spontaneous contact with the little audience. At the end of children's shows, the audience is often invited to play together with the actors. This is undoubtedly a huge attraction for the youngest viewers and usually triggers great euphoria among children, running up to the stage readily.


The repertoire of the Plays and People Theatre


The Plays and People Theatre was founded in 1997. Since the beginning, the priority of its team has been both the street theatre and performances on a traditional stage . The Plays and People Theatre consists of a travelling team, always on the move, presenting their plays in the country and abroad. The repertoire of the theatre includes open-air stage projects and performances for children. The team consists of people of different origins and artistic experience. The theatre cooperates with the communities related to institutional theaters and with the independent theatres as well.

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