The Rawa Theatre

The Rawa Theatre


The Place for Free Thinkers


The Rawa Theatre is a non-institutional theatre, which, thanks to its independence, not only presents the plays, but also creates an unbounded space for dialogue, arising questions, reflections and providing intelligent entertainment.


The origins of the Rawa Theatre


The Rawa Theatre is one of the youngest theatres in Katowice, founded in 2011. Its activity involves far more than just spectacles and plays. Numerous exhibitions, concerts, meetings with artists as well as the performances of various kind is what makes this theatre different. In spite of its short existence in the world of entertainment, the Rawa Theatre boasts more than 16 premieres.


The stage of the Rawa Theatre


In the first period of its activity the theatre he did not have its own permanent stage. Performances were staged guest in the Korez Theatre, the Plays and People Theatre and the Silesian Theatre. Only after three years of its operation, in March 2014, the artists from the theatre Rawa finally won the dwelling in the 'Premises for culture'. Renting a small apartment at the gate in street Chopin 8 in Katowice allowed the actors to create their own real stage.

In the Rawa Theatre there is no point in looking for curtains, chairs for the audience and spectacular scenery. The walls of the auditorium are made of brick, while the audience sits on mattresses which are spread over several levels of the hall. The stage of the Rawa Theatre is a cosy place which can accommodate a limited number of viewers, thus promoting free-flowing, unusual atmosphere which quickly makes the viewers submerge themselves into the world of acting.

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