The Silesian Opera

The Silesian Opera


The Opera Theater in Bytom a real pride of Silesia. The seat of the opera, built according to the design of the German architect Alexander BHMA, is by far the most important cultural place in Bytom. It was in Bytom Opera House that the first opera performance in post-war Poland took place. The date of the first performance of 'Halka' in the Silesian Opera (1945) coincides with the inaugural date of the activity of the whole the institution.


The edifice of the Opera in Bytom


The edifice of the Silesian Opera was built in the years 1899-1901, according to the architectural project of Alexander Böhm. It represents a neoclassical style. The subsequent repairs and reconstruction enriched the building with the elements of early modernism and expressionism. The Silesian Opera repertoire is incredibly rich and will satisfy even the most demanding lovers of classical music. In the Opera, both the classical music concerts and ballet performances, concerts, operas , operettas and musicals are held.


The tours of the Silesian Opera


Are you curious of how the Silesian Opera looks like behind the scenes? It’s easier than you think. The Opera opens its doors to all who are interested and offers a tour around its facilities. During the tour you will be able to see what is there under the stage, as well as to visit the dressing rooms of the artists. While walking around the building you will find out many interesting facts about the institution and find out what the preparations for the show look like.


Not only concerts


If you need to rent a costume quickly, you are in good hands. The Silesian Opera offers the rental of costumes, therefore you can impress everyone with your truly artistic disguise.

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