The Silesian Philharmonic of Henryk Mikolaj Gorecki

The Silesian Philharmonic of Henryk Mikolaj Gorecki


The origins of the Silesian Philharmonic


The Silesian Philharmonic is one of the oldest cultural institutions in Upper Silesia. Its history dates back to 1945. In the horrifying sounds of the World War II heard in the background, the musicians were preparing for the first symphonic concert. Initially, the band consisted of dozens of musicians. Under the direction of the next government, the institution has continued to grow and gain more and more recognition from both the audience and the world of music. Thanks to the true commitment of Charles Stryja - one of the latter directors of the Philharmonic, and his passion to promote classical music, the institution was then experiencing the biggest boom in its history. In the early eighties the Philharmonic became home to more than a hundred musicians and the choir consisting of 60 people.


The Silesian Philharmonic Orchestra often guested in numerous editions of the 'Warsaw Autumn', developing close relationships with distinguished composers, such as Henryk Mikolaj Gorecki and Wojciech Kilar or Boleslaw Szabelski. The close cooperation with Henryk Gorecki resulted in giving a new name to Philharmonic. In 2011, Philharmonic took the name of Henryk Mikolaj Gorecki.


The repertoire of the Silesian Philharmonic


Currently Silesian Philharmonic is one of the most active music institutions in Poland. It is the only philharmonic in our country that boasts as many as three permanent artistic bands - a symphony orchestra, a chamber orchestra and a choir. The Silesian Philharmonic is known primarily from promoting classical music. Its repertoire also includes contemporary music, as well as compositions referring to the Silesian roots.


The stunning architecture of the Philharmonic building


Over the years the building has suffered significant destruction, mainly as a result of mining damage. Therefore, the renovation of this historic building became a necessity. Conducted in the years 2010 - 2014, the renovation of Philharmonic has changed its visage unrecognizably. The headquarters of Philharmonic, modernized and elaborated, is captivating. The renovation itself cost up to 47 million PLN. In addition to renewing the concert hall and the construction of a new chamber hall, the building also received a seminar room and the Sky café for the music lovers.


Not only music


Cafe for the music lovers is the ideal place for those who appreciate both the classical music and delicious coffee. There is a Green Music Garden on the roof of the Philharmonic, so if you are looking for a unique place where you can enjoy a great company, surrounded by the delicious aroma of coffee and the sounds of outstanding classical music , the Philharmonic Garden will be a perfect choice.

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