The Small Theatre

The Small Theatre


Culture in Tychy


The Small theatre is the most important cultural place in Tychy. It has a very long history. The institution was founded in 1965 and since that time has repeatedly changed its form and functions over and over again. During the early years of its existence, the Small Theatre served as a cultural center of the Coal Mine 'Ziemowit'. Later it was transformed into a cultural center operating at the FSM car factory. Only in 1994, the Small Theatre became a municipal facility, and in 2000 it gained the status of a local cultural institution.


The “Impresario' character of theatre (free character of the theatre/non-troupe character of the theatre)


The Small Theatre does not have its own, permanent troupe. Its activities are centered around the concept of the impresario theatre (free theatre), creating a repertoire based on guest appearances by numerous performers and theatre groups from Poland and abroad. The program of the theater program aims at providing entertainment for all city residents, regardless of their wallets. The popularity of theatre is best proved by the statistics - both the theatre and the gallery are visited by about 90 thousand of people annually.


Side by Side Gallery


Vis-à-vis the entrance to the theater the is the door to the Municipal Art Gallery ‘Side by Side'. Gallery is involved in very intensive exhibition activity, organizing numerous private viewings and exhibitions of paintings, sculptures, photographs, graphics and textiles.


The Small Theatre does not limit its activities only to the events organized at its main location. It also possess the Cultural Passage Andromeda, which is located on the first floor of the former cinema in Tychy, Andromeda. At the Passage you will find the Laboratory of Art - the theatre and screening hall, designed to show some experimental works of art. Besides, there is one more facility - Arteteka, which is a multimedia room equipped with the abundance of literary works related to theatre studies, film and painting.

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