The Zagłebie Theatre

The Zagłebie Theatre


The phenomenon of the Zagłębie Theatre


The history of this theatre dates back to 1897. Its establishment was considered an unusual phenomenon in those times. In order to imagine the scale of this event, we need to move back in time to the end of the nineteenth century to Zagłębie of Dabrowski - a significant industrial center, where the main priority was the development of the mining industry, the iron and textile ... certainly not cultural activities. Only 6 cities in Poland could boast their own theatres at that time. That is why the construction of the Theatre in Sosnowiec, the town which did not even have civic rights then, was a major cultural event.


The theatre was located in the facility built for the private funds of the Earl Mortimer Renard. The theater was only one of the elements of the whole cultural complex, which consisted of the following facilities:


  • the Polish Theatre
  • the Municipal Theatre,
  • the Zagłębie Theatre


The theatre, built in the nineteenth century, impressed with its equipment - electric lighting, auditorium for 700 people, as well as beautiful lodges gave him a luxurious character. The first years of activity of the theatre was a huge blossoming of cultural activity. In the prewar period the Zagłębie Theatre was the only place in the area providing the access to genuine culture​​. It was in this theatre where the innovation - selling the ticket theater in the form of subscription - was first introduced


The history of the Zagłębie Theatre


The period of the war was very difficult for the Zagłębie Theatre. The lack of money, damage to the property of the theatre and the difficult political situation arouse doubts regarding the future of this incredible cultural cradle. Only after the Second World War the theatre reopened its stage for the audience. Due to promoting of the patriotic tradition and cooperation with the post-war opposition, the theater was closed in 1948. After seven years, it received permission for re-opening and was given a new name - Zagłębie Theatre. Previously, the institution also functioned under the name of Polish Theatre and City Theatre.


The changing faces of the theatre


The years seventies and eighties witnessed the revitalizing of the development of the theater. The building itself has undergone many overhauls and upgrades, due to which the look of building differs significantly from its original arrangement and styling. Currently, the repertoire offers both the performances of classical and contemporary drama, as well as musical performances and shows for children.

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