Bison Farm


This is, unfortunately, the last part of our trip in Pless (In Polish Pszczyna). We leave the palace park and crossing the Zorska Street we enter to the ... hm, how to call exactly this place. There are three names for it: Three Oaks Park, Zwierzyniec and now Wild Promenade. But whatever the name, it is important that you can leave your car or even a bus at a large car park and go on foot, passing an 18-hole golf course, Pszczynka river and having up to a maximum of 15-minute walk we reach the bison corral.  


We buy a ticket and get on a fenced 10-acre section of the forest. Before we get to the bison corral, we meet a variety of other animals. Those which are not too dangerous, can walk freely among visitors. It is difficult to get rid of them. They are really nice, but demanding some snacks animals. You can see there a mouflon, fallow deer, goats, domestic or wild duck and goose barnacles.  


Indian peacocks attracts a lot of attention. Males are walking with great, wide-spread tails. Please do not tear their feathers. We should also visit the building museum - very educational, but somehow, it will soon the time for feeding the bisons.  


I do not know how they do it, because I have never seen a watch on their strong legs, but they unmistakably know when to move trotting from distant corners of their walks and set up at their feeders. The best way to see the feeding is from the jetty observatory, where a lift is provided for the convenience. These animals including the small bison calves have really big stomachs…  


In the museum (where we finally get) we see dioramas depicting various forest ecosystems. As we were walking for a long time, it probably good idea to visit the restaurant nearby the farm.  


After 'a little something' as Winnie-the-Pooh used to say, we get to a place called Three Oaks. This was a cemetery of soldiers who died in September 1939.


Until 1989, they remembered only that the fact of shooting there scouts and Silesian insurgents by Nazi. Silesian insurgents met in 1919-1921 in this place for secret meetings and the oath of allegiance to this land. After the change of regime they commemorated the soldiers that I mentioned above.


I hope that the visit in Pless had a lot of interesting aspects for you and led to different reflection. I think you can add one more. In the current period, when all cases inflected word PATRIOTISM, it is worth mentioning those who have proved their patriotism without big words. Their patriotism is not a subject to doubt. Could it be better not to talk about it too much, and simply follow its spirit?


See you on the next trip. Where will we go? Oh no! I will not tell you. Let it be a secret.  


Bison can be visited daily from 9 am to 7 pm.  



Normal ticket: 10 PLN;

Discounts: 7 PLN;

Family ticket - parents + 3 children under 16 years old: 30 PLN;

Maciej MastalskiMaciej Mastalski, the tourism enthusiast and lecturer at University of the Third Age in Tychy.

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