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Did you rest well? Then, we head to Repty Park, in Tarnowskie Gory. Founded in the nineteenth century, nearly 500 hectare park is a great place for recreation and walks among lush greenery.


Our attention is drawn by two small cylindrical buildings standing within roughly 600 meters apart and classical gate, from which behind the bars, a brook is leaking, a brook that goes to the river Drama, then the Oder and as a result the water of the Baltic Sea.


These two small buildings are air shafts 'Eve' and 'New Year's Eve' constructed in the nineteenth century as the ventilation shafts, leading to one of the many tunnels (corridors) which drain the mining excavation of 'Fryderyk' mine. Between the shafts there are boats which take tourists for the underground travel along the water-gallery. If you are lucky, you can go down the shaft 'New Year's Eve' which is much deeper and exit in the shaft 'Eve' with a much smaller number of steps to climb. This writer knows what he is talking as he tested not once, not twice, both combinations.


Guide and 'gondolier' in one safely helps to take place within boats set in a row. He warns of keeping hands on the sides, which is dangerous as the bout can hit the rock wall from time to time.


The ceiling is quite high. Boats quietly roam on the 600-meter sector. It is cool and damp here. But so what? The guide tells us interesting stories, you can see recently formed small stalactites. We reach the finish line of the longest underground runoff in Poland.

Are you cold ? When we climb to the surface, it will be warm. I guarantee. You are welcome to the continuation of this trip. It is probably the climax of our 2-day stay in Tarnowskie Góry.  



Opening hours

11 am - 3 pm on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays (in months I, II, III, XI, XII)

10 am - 4 pm on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays (in months IV, V, IX, X)

10 am - 5 pm daily (in months VI, VII, VIII)  


Ticket prices

Adults: 18,00 PLN,

Discounts: 13,50 PLN

Maciej MastalskiMaciej Mastalski, the tourism enthusiast and lecturer at University of the Third Age in Tychy.

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