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I assume that you are already in Silesia and if not you are about to come. Certainly, you will get the following association: Silesia = mining. There is something about it. Although much has changed in this case, it does not change the fact that you cannot leave us without getting to know what mine is. One should realize how extremely difficult, hard and dangerous is the job of a miner. Nowadays, there is an opportunity to learn all about it.


Feel free to visit Zabrze, and especially the historic mine 'GUIDO'. It was founded in the year 1855 at the behest of Count Guido Henckel von Donnersmark (the name of the mine derives from him), and it operated until 1928, when they finished coal mining there.  


They revived it in 1967, when the Experimental Mine Coal M-300 was created. They tested there new equipment and mining machines while providing a small amount of production.  


In 1982 thanks to the efforts and commitment of Krystyna Barszczewska, the director of that time of the Museum of Coal Mining in Zabrze, the mine open-air museum 'GUIDO' was created at level 170 and open to the public. Then, it entered in the register of monuments. In 2000 in accordance with the cost cutting tendency in the mining industry, they began to dismantle the unique, underground mine. Luckily, they managed to stop this process and since 2007 everyone can explore the levels 170 and 320 of the mine. We dress helmets and with a guide we take the mine elevator (szola in Silesian dialect) to the dark underground abyss.  


On the first level, we can see something between an open-air museum and museum, while on the lower level, we can experience firsthand the effort and working conditions of miners. It is stuffy, dark. Black rocks covered for security with housing are hanging over our heads. We are stuned by the roar of the longwall shearer.


Our legs start to hurt. The hours of our tour are passing. Are you tired? Please remember that we are just visiting, and we do not need to work all shift (szychta in Silesian dialect) in a nightmarish dust and noise. Fortunately, after 3 hours we enter the underground room, which formerly housed the hall of pumps and now serves as a café - pub.


It has a well-stocked bar. Raw mining décor preserved thanks to a brick ceiling and shaft cheek (which were uncovered during the renovation work) guarantees a unique climate. Visitors can also find a good beer and a wide range of hot snacks in the menu of Hall of Pumps (In Polish Hala Pomp). Level 320 is available for both visitors, and guests going down straight from the surface by szola. We go back to the surface full of impressions and experiences that will last forever in our memory. How good it is to see the sun and feel the fresh air.  


But these are not the only attractions that wait for you. Welcome to the zone K8. In the former mining excavation there are conference rooms, a concert hall with perfect acoustics. In the basement there are held regular cultural events. There are rooms that can be rented for various celebrations such as wedding at level 320. That has to be an unforgettable experience.  


As if it was not enough we have a surprise for you.  


It is called: Level 355 - Shift (Szychta)!  


It is a completely new, only recently accessible part of the mine. Expedition to level 355 is a mining shift in full gear. The route for people prepared for considerable effort and a good portion of thrill. Before the exit to the inactive mining branch at level 355, the necessary protective clothing is required: mining outfit, flannel shirt, wellingtons, helmet and lamp with a cover, a mask with the filter.


We will walk one and a half kilometer on the mining sidewalks with a downward slope and low, narrow passages - that is the landscape tour at level 355. Scraper conveyors, pipelines for pumping filling and other fittings are with usthere. Foreman will order to transfer the pipeline weighing dozens of kilograms, assembly conveyor belt, trim wooden stamp, shut the lute ventilation and other mining works to do. Here you can really feel that working in tightness and dust costs a lot of strength. The apogee of our mining shift at the level of 355 is walking down the narrow passage through more than a hundred-meter-high carbon wall with a huge slope. A beam of light from a personal lamp mining disperses the impenetrable darkness. Different devices start to have fantastic shapes. Imagination likes to play here surprises. Is this looming in the darkness human shape of a Treasurer???  


After leaving the long wall your condition is about to check by the steep slope leading to the shallower areas of the mine. As a real miners do, we go to the pub in Hall of Pumps after the shift - there we will regain our strength thanks to the delicious beer 'Guido.' After going back to the surface, we will take a shower in hot water in the mine bath.



Historic Coal Mine 'Guido'

41-800 Zabrze, 3 May Street 93

Reservation required before sightseeing at phone number: 32 271 40 77.

e-mail: biuro@kopalniaguido.pl





It is necessary to book the visit by phone: (+48) 32 271 40 77


Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday  Saturday  Sunday 
from 8.30 am from 8.30 am from 8.30 am from 8.30 am from 8.30 am from 8.30 am from 8.30 am
to 9 pm to 9 pm to 9 pm to 9 pm to 9 pm to 9 pm to 9 pm


Underground tours


Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday  Saturday  Sunday 
Technical day from 9.00 am from 9.00 am from 8.30 am from 9.00 am from 9.00 am from 9.00 am
Technical day to 2.30 pm to 2.30 pm to 9 pm to 9 pm to 9 pm to 9 pm
    In July and August from 9 am to 8.30 pm        


Price List from Tuesday to Friday


Level 170 25,- 22,- 24,- 190,-
Level 320 29,- 25,- 27,- 210,-
Level 170+320 39,- 35,- 33,- 400,-
Level 355 The Dark  45,- - - 400,-
Level 355 Shift* 79,- - - 400,-
Visit in the pub on the level 320 10,- - - -


* The price for 'Level 355 - Shift' includes hiring out a complete mining outfit with a lamp and tools.


From Saturday to Sunday


Level 170 29,- 26,- 28,- 190,-
Level 320 33,- 29,- 31,- 210,-
Level 170+320 43,- 39,- 37,- 400,-
Poziom 355  The Dark   49,- - - 400,-
Poziom 355 Shift* 89,- - - 400,-
Visit in the pub on the level 320 10,- - - -


Family ticket - Only Thursdays (minimum 4 people)


TOURIST ROUTES   GUARDIAN (maximum two guardians per group)   WARD (pe ople under care below 18. Years old)
Level 170 22,- 10,- 
Level 320 25,- 10,- 
Level 170+320 35,-   10,- 


Maciej MastalskiMaciej Mastalski, the tourism enthusiast and lecturer at University of the Third Age in Tychy.

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