Tarnowskie Góry


It is early morning of 20 August 1683. As always at dawn we can hear the sound of the Gwarek Tower. They slam the doors of houses and streets are filled with hooded figures heading in one direction. They are gwarki (the miners that have permission to excavate the ore) who go to their hard and dangerous work. They will bring to the surface the treasures of the earth, zinc, lead and silver. Will they all return to their families? We all hope so! But women staying at home are awaiting anxiously, waiting for the sound of the heavy steps of their tired husband, son or brother. Gwarkowie now disappeared in the darkness, but there is still some strange commotion. The biggest confusion is in the tavern and inn owned by Sedlaczek. The owner himself is guarding preparations. Servants decorate the room, the chef mercilessly hurry other cooks into preparing the food faster.


Suddenly ... From the sanctuary of the Virgin Mary in Piekary, you can hear the escalating clatter of horses' hooves and all this noise which normally accompanies the march of numerous branches of chivalry. To the main square surrounded by a retinue enters King Jan III Sobieski with Marysieńka and their son. Crowds greet him, though he is not yet the ruler. Preceded by a raw but fair ruler who iron hand treats his soldiers. Residents who have already experienced his toughness this time are not afraid.


King stays for two days in Sedlaczek’s house and on 22 of August he heads towards Vienna, which is besieged by the army of Kara Mustafa. Up to this day in remembrance of these events are organized every year sumptuous celebrations, along with the marching royal procession.


Now, it is time to introduce briefly the city to which I have the honor to invite you. They say that around the year 1490 the first lump of silver ore was found. The fact is that in 1526 the settlement became a town, and two years later he was given the 'Ordunek Gorny', conferring a series of far-reaching benefits of mining. It will take too much time to describe the complex history of the city over the centuries.


We are entering the main square. First town hall and monumental Evangelical-Augsburg church dedicated to Savior and built in 1720 attract attention. It is impossible not to notice the arcades houses and sculptures of Tarnogórski Gwarek. But the icing on the cake is the above-mentioned house of Sedlaczek. Today, it houses an elegant wine restaurant-bar of the same name and a museum. The existence of the restaurant is not without significance, as you will not come back so quickly to Mariacka Street 13 in Katowice. We pass the historic Gwarki Bell Tower near the main square.


Also pay attention to the historic buildings on Krakow, Sienkiewicz or Pilsudski Street. It is also worthy at least take a short walk in the newer part of the city. It is not everything I want to show you. We have a look to the Rybny Palace(literary Fish Palace), famous among other things for organizing classical music concerts. There is also the opportunity to eat a delicious dinner. Now it's time to explore the historic district from which it derives its name. Even from a distance you can see the castle in Old Tarnowice (Tarnowice Stare). Castle despite its numerous reconstructions preserved its Renaissance character. After the war, it was the seat of PGR (which is short for Państwowe Gospodarstwo Rolne = State Agricultural Farm), and like other objects that were managed by such companies, deteriorated quite fast. Unfortunately, nowadays in different parts of Poland can be found destroyed, unable to renovate, this type of objects. The castle was lucky that in the year 2000 was bought by the Smolorz married couple, who restored it to its former glory and in 2011, together with the surrounding park, the building was opened to the public. In a beautifully restored historic premises is Arts and Crafts Center and the ... restaurant.


Did you notice that I care about your rest and replenishment of calories, without which you cannot see all the interesting places? Taking care of you is my priority. There are still more important and I hope known places to see. You will say that this is too much for one day. That you exhausted all possibilities, physical and perceptual ones. I am not surprised. You have to come back the next day. In our hostel you can rest well and come back the next morning ready for a trip ... both underground and by ... boats. I cordially invite you.


PS.: Did you know that our linguist Professor Jan Miodek comes from Tarnowskie Góry? For years, in our radio and television he calls attention to the necessity of speaking beautiful and correct Polish language. At the same time every day in his private life: he throws hasie to hasiok (garbage in the trash), he likes gryfne frele (pretty girls) and carries ancug (suit). You do not know what it is ancug? That is szaket, galoty and westa. You still do not know what am I talking about? Ancug is a suit, which consists of: jacket, pants and vest. Pyrsk (bye).




Castle in Old Tarnowice

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