Korez Theatre

Korez Theatre


A Theatre close at hand.


What is unique about the theater Korez against other theaters? Definitely the involvement of the actors and their contribution to the creation and organization of theatrical performance. In Korez you will not see cloackroom attendants or doormen. Their work is performed by the actors. You can only imagine the amazement of the audience watching the stage and seeing the same people who have previously sold them a ticket at the ticket office.


The stage of the Korez Theatre


The Korez Theatre is located in the cosy seclusion called the Cultural Centre of Krystyna Bochenek, formerly known as the Upper Silesian Cultural Centre. It was established in 1981 to serve as a center of local Communist Party congress. The person responsible for the whole investment was Zdzislaw Grudzień (December), thus the building was often called 'Dezember Palast' by local people.

No sooner than after sixteen years of the delivery of the building for use, Theatre Kortez was created there. At that time, the stage looked even more modest, and the viewers could not expect the quiet and convenient contemplation of art. The audience used to sit on wooden chairs spaced around the modest stage covered with linoleum. The arrangement of the audience area was also far from the elaborate. The only 'decorations' were the ventilation pipes covered with silver insulation. And even though the design was not the most sophisticated, there is no doubt that it gave a special and characteristic look to its interiors. The design caught on not only in Theatre Korez, but also in the neighboring Jazz Club Hypnosis.


Unusual scenography


Is it possible to have a theater without curtains? Certainly. The best example of this is the theater Korez, in which there are no curtains or ramps. A play is performed on a wooden platform, right in front of the first row of the audience. This unusual arrangement breaks the stereotype of the unavailability of acting and the distance between the actors and audience.In Korez an actor stays very close to the public. This unique approach of actors to the scenarios, as well as the passion for improvisation often leads to the situations when actors interact closely with the audience.


The History of the Korez Theatre


The origins of the theatre date back to the Theatre Korez 1989. In the first years the theatre gave performances without its own stage, guesting in the centers of culture and clubhouses. The quartet of the Theatre Korez was able to perform virtually anywhere - they did not need neither decoration nor a complicated set of fancy costumes to show their play. From the very beginning the priority of this theatre was to develop more contact with the audience and break the stereotype of the actors’ superiority. Unlike any other typical theater, in Korez the performance is based largely on improvisation. Therefore, it is worth seeing the same spectacle several times to see its new “face' and interpretation.. During the performances of Korezu , the scripts begin to live their own life . Actors react keenly to the emotions of the audience, changing the scenario of the play and encouraging the audience to participate.


The unrivaled theatre.


The long-term performances of the actors of Korez has allowed the theatre to build a very strong brand, and most importantly - its own, loyal audience. The Theatre Korez is not financed by public subsidies but maintains by ticket sales. This is the best proof of its popularity and uniqueness. If you wish to check what the phenomenon of the theater relies on, you are welcome to visit Korez to get carried away with the real, pure emotions and spontaneous acting.

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