The New Theatre

The New Theatre


The establishment of the New Theatre in Zabrze


The New Theatre in Zabrze was founded in 1959. As its patron the theatre chose the name of Gustav Morcinka - an outstanding Polish writer of the interwar period, associated strongly with the Silesian region


The architecture of the New Theatre


The property, where the theatre is now located, was built in 1900 as a place of entertainment for officials and workers of the steelworks Donnersmarck. The building itself is very decorative, created in the style of historicism with some distinct elements of Art Nouveau. The interior of the building is decorated with the arches of balconies and the chapiters of columns,which are enriched with the vivid motifs of flowers and plants. In the first period of the functioning of the building there was only a restaurant, a library, and a theater and a concert hall. The most frequent groups performing on the stage were German theatre artistic teams. Later the building was adapted to the needs of the casino of steelworks Donnersmack. Only after 1927 the building regained its role as a theatre, where the guest performances of the German theater groups were held.


The popularity of the New Theatre


Since the very beginning the theatre enjoyed great popularity among the residents of Zabrze. Right now the theatre boasts more than 220 premieres, including many of the Silesian authors (such as Albin Siekierski, Bieniasz Stanislaus, Stanislaus Piskor). The New Theatre in Zabrze has already cooperated with a number of outstanding actors of the Silesian artistic scene, scenes, who have been awarded the Silver and Golden Masks - a major regional award for the best theatre artists.


What is worth seeing?


The repertoire Theatre is extremely rich. We will find here the spectacles of the Polish and world’s classics of world, as well as contemporary dramas. Besides, the theater also hosts numerous shows for children and literary arts. To see the shows of the actors of the New Theatre there is no need to go to Zabrze. Actors are very active on touring, thus presenting their art to the residents of many cities in the Silesia, Opole and the Malopolska provinces. The New Theatre also organizes of one of the most interesting artistic initiatives in the region. Since 2000, in cooperation with the City of Zabrze, it has organized the National Festival of Contemporary Drama 'The reality on the stage.'

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