The Silesian Theatre of St. Wyspiański

The Silesian Theatre of St. Wyspiański


If you want to see the biggest theater stage in the Upper Silesia, you must visit Silesian Theatre of Wyspiański. The uniqueness of this place results both from a rich history, an amazing galaxy of the artists associated with the theatre, as well as the role which the theatre currently plays as a cultural space of Silesia.


The history of the Silesian Theatre in Katowice


To know the origins of the Silesian Theatre we have to move back to year 1907. Then the construction of the Silesian Theatre, designed by Carl Mortitz, was completed. The turbulent history of Silesia had a great impact on the development of this facility. During the first years of its activity, the Silesian Theatre was a German theatre. Only after 15 years, when Silesia became the part of Poland again, the Silesian Theatre returned to Polish hands. Over the years of its activity the theatre has hosted the greatest actors of the Polish scene, including Gustav Holubka, Tadeusz Łomnicki Ignatius Gogolewski, Christopher Kolberger or Marek Kondrat.


The stages of the Silesian Theatre.


The Silesian Theatre boasts three stages - the Main Stage, the Chamber Stage and the Stage in Paint Shop. Each of them offers a wide repertoire and peculiar, extraordinary stage design. The Main Stage is the place staging the greatest classics and functioning as the biggest national stage in Silesia. The Small Stage, founded in 1981, is the realm of the contemporary creativity, showing excellent Polish and foreign dramas. Then the Small Stage in the Paint Shop, established in 1992 in the former headquarters of the Masonic Lodge, creates a unique atmosphere while staging contemporary plays.


The captivating architecture of the Silesian Theatre building


You cannot miss the Silesian Theatre during your trip to Katowice. The beautiful architecture of the building and its location will not leave indifferent anyone who walks around the walls of the theatre. It captivates not only with its architecture, but also with its artistic soul. If you are still unconvinced, go and see one of the plays and let yourself get carried away by acting emotions. You will be ravished by a rich repertoire, which involves the classic plays and contemporary works as well.


What to see at the Silesian Theatre?


The rich repertoire of theatre offers a wide choice of both the world-famous dramas and hilarious comedies which will make you laugh out loud. One of such comedies is a staging of 'Mayday' by R. Cooney. This hilarious farce broke all records at Silesian Theater stage. An extremely funny story of the London bigamist taxi driver has been played consistently for over 20 years and enjoys unflagging popularity. 'Mayday' not only makes you laugh but also triggers the 'stage hormones of happiness', so it is advisable to book your ticket well in advance before your arrival to Katowice, as the tickets sell like hot cakes right after the announcement of a new repertoire.

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